Recent events shining light on racism and bias in the United States and worldwide have caused us to more closely examine our individual and collective assumptions, and our efforts to support and promote diversity and equal opportunity. Altieri acknowledges that we can and should be working more proactively with communities of color to address systemic inequities. We join our professional colleagues and the wider community in the commitment to build a more equitable, just, and inclusive future.

Over two years ago, Altieri introduced employee-led Initiative Teams to put the firm’s high priorities into action. The creative and diligent efforts of our teams have enabled us to incorporate new concepts, processes, and activities in areas ranging from design standards to internal communication to employee education and training. Encouraged by these initiatives, employees have also shared personal interests and spurred greater firmwide engagement in the community (see some of our activities below). 

Altieri leadership recognizes the imperative to examine our current culture, promote ongoing dialogue, and put initiatives in place that will help us listen more and take action. As our Initiative Teams program has proved to be an effective platform for change within the firm, we have launched a new team whose mission will be to continue making Altieri a better place to work, a better partner for our clients, and a better ally in the industry by doing more to eliminate bias and promote equity.

The Carver Foundation‘s after-school and summer programs deliver intensive hands-on learning in many subjects, including literacy and the STEAM subjects. Each year, 5th grade students from Carver visit Altieri to learn what MEPF engineers do. So much fun to engage with future industry leaders!

We are very sorry the pandemic has kept us from sponsoring many of our annual community activities, especially the Knight Street Cornhole Charity Challenge. Not sure who went home with the trophies last year, but burgers/dogs, some strong competition, and The Open Door Shelter were the real winners.

There are many serious farmers among us! For the past two years, they have heeded the call to help plant the vegetable gardens that supply Person-to-Person‘s Darien food pantry.

A little Before, During, and After for St. Baldrick’s Foundation #BeAShavee