The Clark – Manton Research Center The Clark Institute

Our involvement with the Clark began with Master Planning exercises in 2001 for the full campus. The first major project to be implemented was the construction of a new 32,000 square foot Arts and Conservation Center at Stone Hill. This building was designed to move non-public programmatic needs away from the main Clark campus. The new facility houses Institute Galleries and serves as the new home of the Williamstown Art Conservation Center.

Stone Hill was designed with an independent geothermal heating and cooling plant of 120-tons. To help conserve energy, laboratory exhaust systems are furnished with heat recovery coils.
The next phase of the master plan includes construction of a new, underground Central Plant to serve the expanded campus which includes a Visitor Exhibition & Conference Center (VECC) and renovations to the existing Museum and Manton Library buildings. The total new and renovated scope is over 200,000 square feet.
The new Central Plant includes a hybrid cooling system consisting of a 700-ton electric chiller plant coupled with a geothermal system to optimize system capacity and efficiency. The geothermal system also provides central heating for reheat coils and utilizes a heat recovery chiller.
A rainwater harvesting system is included to supplement cooling tower and water feature makeup water, and to provide gray water to water closets. Connection of the new Central Plant to the existing Museum and Manton buildings was carefully planned to minimize down time.
The campus electric service was completely upgraded from 4160V to 13,800V to improve capacity, efficiency and reliability.
Daylight interactive dimming and shade systems were provided to save energy and enhance protection of the collection.

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Location: Williamstown, MA

Completion Date: 2008 - 2013

Architects: Tadao Ando, Gensler

Altieri Services: M,E,P, FP