Philadelphia Museum of Art

The project includes renovation of approximately 500,000 GSF of existing museum and the addition of approximately 175,000 GSF of new space substantially below grade, adjoining the existing museum. The construction will follow a phased format, with the central plant and loading dock facilities constructed in the first phase. The remaining phases will include new gallery space under the east plaza, and subsequent renovations of the existing gallery and other program spaces.

The entire construction schedule is currently slated to extend over a multi-year period, during which time the Museum will remain open to the public in those areas not affected by the construction.
The current concept for the central chiller plant includes provisions to minimize operating costs by responding to utility rate changes on both the short-term and long-term basis. New air handling units will serve gallery and other program spaces, and will maintain the temperature and relative humidity levels required by the collections housed in the spaces.
New electric service and equipment will be provided to distribute high voltage power throughout the building. It will be transformed locally for delivery to lighting and power panels in the various wings, for end use applications. New lighting and power systems will be provided for virtually all spaces.
New plumbing systems will be provided throughout, to serve upgraded facilities that include ADA access.
Our work includes the concept design phase, the schematic design and design development of all phases together, and then the separate contract document preparation for each of the following construction phases.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA

Completion Date: To Be Determined

Architects: Gehry Partners LLP