The Barnes Foundation Parkway Art Education Facility

The new 80,000 GSF Barnes Foundation Parkway Art Education Facility is located on a four-and-a-half acre site between 20th and 21st Streets on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in downtown Philadelphia. The new Barnes houses the institution’s world-renowned art collection of impressionist paintings.  The new galleries replicate the scale, proportion and configuration of the existing galleries in Merion, PA.

In addition, the Facility provides a substantial increase in space for art education programs: classrooms, seminar rooms, and an auditorium. The new Facility also includes much-needed program for conservation, research and administration, a gallery for special exhibitions, a retail shop and restaurant, and areas for special events and visitor services. Construction Cost was approximately $90,000,000.
The building is fully climate-controlled to state of the art standards, with year-round humidity control for all areas of the building. Collection systems are able to operate as constant volume systems to maximize environmental stability. However these systems will permit operating staff to adjust individual zone and overall system air volume based upon the system operating experience.
Non-collection areas are served by an active chilled beam system coupled with a centralized VAV primary air ventilation system. The central ventilation air processing system is provided with heat recovery that will filter and precisely control the amount of raw outdoor air provided into the building based on demand for ventilation.
The central cooling plant is comprised of two electrically-driven magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers, which offer excellent part-load efficiencies. In addition, a heat recovery chiller supplements base cooling capacity while simultaneously producing heating hot water for utilization in reheat coils. The building heating plant uses public utility steam from Trigen for production of heating hot water and domestic hot water. Trigen steam is also be used for winter humidification.
The building’s electrical service is taken from a new utility transformer and includes a 480 volt distribution to serve the mechanical equipment, elevators, and large equipment throughout the building.  A 208 volt distribution system serves lighting, receptacle, and small equipment loads throughout the building.
Building electrical service is supplemented by a roof-mounted photovoltaic system to utilize all the available on-site power production. A 400kW diesel-fueled emergency generator serves life safety and standby loads such as museum collection area HVAC systems.  During a utility outage, the HVAC systems will maintain design space conditions in the museum “collection” areas. On-site fuel storage will allow for over 60 hours of continuous operation at full load.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA

Completion Date: June 2012

Architects: Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects LLP

Awards: LEED Platinum Certification September 2012

ASW Services: M, E, P, FP, IT