The National WWII Museum

This eventual 10 building, $300 million, 200,000+ square foot campus expansion will complement the program in the existing adjacent D-Day Museum (Louisiana Pavilion). The first expansion phase opened in November of 2009 and included a 32,000 square foot 4-D cinematic theater experience in the new Solomon Victory Theater. Visitors are immersed in the war experience through techniques, which utilize a 120’ wide projection screen, digital effects, sensory effects such as wind, water, and snow, and life-sized props.

The other significant portion of the public experience includes the 20,000 square foot USO Pavilion which contains the Stage Door Canteen featuring live and multimedia entertainment and the American Sector restaurant.
The second phase of expansion recently opened in January of 2013. This pavilion focuses on the land, sea, and air services and their contribution to the war effort. Visitors can tour an interactive submarine experience and view vintage WWII aircraft suspended in the 95’ high space.
To facilitate the campus expansion, a freestanding central plant building was constructed. The plant distributes chilled and hot water, emergency and normal power, and fire protection water services throughout the campus. The plant will also be expanded as the facility grows, to an eventual cooling capacity of 900 tons. Energy recovery units are used to recapture waste heat and provide for efficient operation. Heat pumps provide additional cooling capacity and hot water for reheat coils. Special attention was paid to building pressurization to minimize infiltration of untreated outside air. Emergency power is provided by a roof-mounted diesel generator.
Information technology systems and infrastructure was also designed to serve the campus, along with ties to the existing Louisiana Pavilion. The system will easily facilitate the multi-phased expansion of the campus.

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Location: New Orleans, LA

Completion Date: 2009

Architects: Voorsanger Mathes LLC