Altieri’s credentialed staff of 60, which includes five third generation principals, offers comprehensive master planning and investigative work performed by senior engineers and principals of the firm. The company specializes in institutional buildings, among other typologies, all which require seamless integration of engineering systems within the architectural context of each commission. HVAC, power and lighting, information technology, security and life safety, plumbing and fire protection, management of indoor air quality, acoustics, lighting, and overall energy efficiency are prime goals of every project, regardless of size or scope.

The Altieri team works to simplify the organization of systems to minimize maintenance and operation costs and maximize reliability. The firm’s objective is to enhance and serve the architectural design and partner with its architectural clients to foster the production of coordinated drawings and specifications, while also upholding the standards of energy efficient and environmentally responsible design. Typical projects include classroom buildings, laboratories, art centers, museums, galleries, auditoriums, libraries, aquatic centers and aquariums, and other facilities that contribute to and improve the character of campus and public life.