MAAM Building Museums™ Symposium 2021

Our speakers, Adam, Kristen, and Sara, were joined by Atelier Ten’s Larry Jones, for a presentation on Healthy Buildings: What You Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality and Your Building Systems. The session covered the ABCs of building mechanical systems, the role that temperature and humidity play in the spread of airborne pathogens, commercially […]

March 9, 2021|Altieri Talks

ALTIERI Talks 05.12.2020 Legionella and A Healthy Workplace

Nona L. Rudd, CPD®, one of Altieri’s senior plumbing designers, discusses Legionella and what businesses, building owners, and facilities managers should know about their domestic water systems before staff are welcomed back on site.

May 12, 2020|Altieri Talks

2019 AIA Connecticut Architecture Conference + Expo

Successful building design is always a partnership between architects and consultants. “MEPF systems are an integral part of your program from the beginning.”Phil Steiner, Managing Director, and Kari Nystrom, Principal, discuss the essential #designpartnership

September 15, 2019|Altieri Talks