Glenstone Museum, Potomac, MD, Thomas Phifer and Partners © Susan Fisher Plotner / Altieri


“We value Altieri’s strong cross-disciplinary competence that allows their engineers to cover multiple perspectives when needed. There is a nimbleness to their design thinking and an ability to foresee long-range implications and consequences of design directions that have been invaluable to us in addressing very complex design problems and implementing better energy strategies.” — Chris Couse, Founding Principal, KPMB Architects, Canada

Altieri has provided MEPF engineering design services to architects and building owners for over 60 years. Our reputation as an industry leader is based on the seamless integration of systems within architecturally challenging environments. In 2020, Altieri was awarded the Architectural Engineering Institute Most Innovative Project Under $100M, highlighting our inventive systems designs for the Corning Museum of Glass, Contemporary Art + Design Wing and Amphitheater Hot Shop.

Decades of design experience have been driven by our imperative to engineer the best solutions for each project – to ensure that our designs are sensitive to architectural integrity, support the creative vision of our clients, and enhance the user experience. We deliver high-quality designs employing the most current technologies, on time and with a critical eye to managing costs. It is our mission to meet high profile design challenges with solutions that set the pace for a sustainable future.

This priority has been a distinction of our work since the early 1960s. Significantly, The Getty Center received LEED® Silver certification eight years after opening, based on Altieri’s designs from a period predating the introduction and implementation of the LEED® process. Today, over 40 of Altieri’s projects have been awarded LEED® certification.

A Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certified by the State of Connecticut, Altieri is a diverse, imaginative, and versatile team of engineers. A distinct hallmark of our success is the team’s commitment to quality and the involvement of our leadership in the design and direction of each project. We understand the challenges associated with public and private institutional projects, and collaborate closely with all stakeholders to ensure our designs not only meet programmatic requirements, but do so in a sustainable and maintainable way. Our experience successfully meeting high profile design challenges continues to set the pace for the industry.