Women in Engineering

We formed our Women in Engineering group on June 23, 2022 on the occasion of International Women in Engineering Day. Our goal is to have conversations about women’s experiences in STEM careers and get involved in initiatives that are working to move the needle on gender equity. We want more women in the field and we want women to have productive and successful careers. 

Collectively, Altieri’s women engineers (11 as of this writing) have 185 years’ experience providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering design services to architects and building owners. We are a group of paradigm shifters driven by excellence, innovation, and vision… and our unique experiences as women in a male-dominated industry.

We meet once a month to discuss relevant topics, share stories, update our progress on annual goals, and generally support each other. One of our favorite initiatives is our new blog, wom(EN)gineer. Each post is about something new – one woman’s path to engineering, career advice, or an experience at an all-women’s conference. It is a place for us to share our experiences and perspectives, hear from others (we love our guest bloggers!) and raise each other up. We hope you will subscribe and engage in this exciting community.

Bringing Men into the Conversation

I am honored and grateful to be the first male contributor to wom(EN)gineer…. Increasing the number of women in our industry and throwing bright light on their contributions simply makes good sense…. I have been surrounded by strong women all my life and have seen what strong women contribute and achieve. Read Full Story

Finding My Voice

Like many young professionals beginning their careers, when it came time to sharing my ideas in the workplace, I often found myself questioning my abilities. As my career has developed, my confidence has grown. I have become a more effective communicator and, in turn, a more effective leader.  Read Full Story

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