American Museum of Natural History – Northwest Coast Hall

 Founded in 1869, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the world’s preeminent scientific and cultural institutions. It is renowned for its exhibitions and scientific collections and wide-ranging program of scientific research and education. Opened in 1899, the Northwest Coast Hall is the Museum’s oldest gallery.

The Museum undertook a renovation of the Northwest Coast Hall in 2018. Project scope comprises HVAC and electrical system engineering services. Altieri’s extensive knowledge of the Hall is the result of projects predating the current renovation including a fire protection master plan for the entire Museum in 2011, followed by the first phase of its implementation within Section 1 of AMNH. This work included sprinkler and fire alarm upgrades to the NWCI Hall and the two exhibit halls above. The NWCI work included disassembly and reconstruction of the existing structural beam enclosures to fully integrate new sprinkler systems in this historic hall. Altieri served as the Prime Consultant on this project, shepherding a team of architects, structural engineers, and cost estimators during the project.

More recently, we designed a replacement HVAC unit for the existing outdoor unit serving this hall after it was damaged during maintenance. Construction documents were completed for that project, but the design was never implemented.

Images: Scott Rohan © AMNH

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Location: New York, New York

Completion Date: 2022

Architects: wHY Architecture

Altieri Services: MEPF