What we’ve been up to on Instagram (June 9-16)

June 16 – Looks like we dropped the ball for World Softball Day ⚾️ which was June 13th. While we may be late to the game, we still want to celebrate our softball team! Playing together is a great way for employees to bond outside of work while being active and letting out their competitive side.
This year, our team jerseys honor a great coworker, who sadly passed earlier this year, with his initials on the sleeves.

June 14 – We’re taking it way back to 1990 when the Ring of Fire Aquarium was completed in Osaka, Japan. The aquarium has since had a name change and is now KAIYUKAN. It is one of Japan’s most spectacular aquariums known for its innovation and focuses its exhibits on the Pacific Rim regions.
 📸 courtesy of CambridgeSeven

June 9 – Right in our neighborhood is Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium. In the late 90s, Altieri provided MEP designs for a large expansion of the aquarium, adding a new entrance, education center, offices, and shark exhibit. The aquarium is still thriving today and is committed to protecting the ecosystem within the Long Island Sound.
📸 courtesy of Maritime Aquarium

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